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Are We Doing Church the Right Way?

| Contributing Writer
19 Jul
Church service, Minnesota churches are call the 10-person limit on services unfair

On Sundays (and some Saturday nights) in churches across the country, people are gathering again. If your church is a more contemporary church, there may be flashing lights and smoke – almost as if a concert experience is about to begin. Usually, the high energy of the opening leads to a fast-paced song that gets people up, involved and excited about the service. After the praise and worship set there may be some announcements and then we hear a word from the pastor, there is a prayer and afterward people leave and go home to face their week.

All of this happens in about ninety minutes. Now this may not be your church experience and I am not saying every church operates in this fashion. However, when I think about the goal of church and compare that to what we are doing today, I wonder if we are “doing church” the right way.

Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Booky Buggy

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