I grew up in the era where stadium evangelism was very popular. During these events, a well-known evangelist would come to town and pack the stadium with thousands of people who gathered to hear them preach. While preaching the message, the gospel would be presented and at some point there would be an altar call given. At these events there would literally be thousands of people coming out of the stands and they would flood the altars to pray the sinner’s prayer and give their lives to Jesus. It was truly a sight to behold.

I remember the last great evangelistic crusade I took part in was when Billy Graham did his last crusade in New York. It was truly a fantastic event that lasted over several days. I don’t know how many people got saved but it was a lot, and I was proud to play even a little part in such a wonderful event.

Over the years as I have gotten away from these types of events I have begun to look again at the Great Commission. In looking at that and the way we do evangelism today it makes me wonder if there is something that Christians and churches are doing wrong? Not from the perspective of filling or not filling stadiums, but are we actually fulfilling the Great Commission?

I never like to take anything for granted. In case you are not sure what I am referring to this is the portion of Scripture known as the Great Commission: