When you talk about sin in church, you wouldn’t think there is a sin which would be celebrated. After all we are followers of Jesus Christ – we should not be celebrating any type of sin. However, within the walls of the church and outside those walls there is one sin that seems to not only be tolerated but in some circles, it is revered. We tend to embrace it with open arms and even encourage it whether we realize it or not. I would even add there are many in the body of Christ who might not even consider it to be a sin at all.

The sin I am referring to is the sin of busyness.

Be honest, when I mentioned that did you immediately think of it as sin, because many don’t. I know just saying the word busyness may not bring a high level of conviction, but I want to walk you through a passage of Scripture that will hopefully change your mind.

In the book of Revelation there is a church in Ephesus. Jesus gives this church a message which we are going to analyze. Here is what Jesus said to this church:

When you look at the first few things Jesus highlights, it appears this church is on top of its game. Look at all the wonderful things this church is doing. This is a hard-working church that is doing good deeds, so they are not lazy at all. Not only are they doing ministry at a high level, they are getting results in their ministry. They are persevering, which means they are not quitters but are pressing through and overcoming challenges to obtain the results they are getting in ministry. They are fighting through fatigue and any other obstacles and appear to be a motivated church. When they set out to do something they get it done. In addition, they don’t tolerate wickedness and when they see or hear anything false, they are quick to point it out. Not only are they working hard, but they make sure they are doctrinally sound. This church appears to be on the frontlines working hard for Jesus.