Have you stopped attending church in person and are finding it really difficult to get back into a regular routine of going again?

When COVID-19 forced our church to start meeting online, I was excited we had a new way to worship amidst a pandemic. And I have to admit – I loved doing church in my pajamas, with no makeup on while sipping coffee on the couch. 

After a while, though, I started to feel disconnected. I tried going back, but one of my teens would be tired, so we’d skip in-person and “just do online,” or someone had the sniffles so online worship seemed safer. Eventually, we were barely attending in-person, but attending online no longer felt meaningful for our family. It was time to face the truth: We’d hit pause and needed a church restart.

So that’s exactly what we did. 

If you, too, have found you stopped going to church with the pandemic or some other reason and can’t seem to get started again, I offer a few tips to reignite your passion for going to church. 

Here are six ways to start going to church again when you’ve hit “pause.”

First, a question: Do we need to go to church? And if so, why?

The Bible tells us yes, we should go to church. While it is entirely possible to be a Christian and follow the ways of Jesus without setting foot in church or ever gathering with other believers, it’s a lonely and difficult road to walk.