Serving the Lord Can Be a Family Affair

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Serving the Lord Can Be a Family Affair

Isaiah’s family. I stopped in my research and realized Isaiah had a family. He was married, and he had children. They were all a significant part of his ministry. “He was married - he gave his children names that had prophetic symbolism,” William C. Williams wrote. “The family served as ‘signs and symbols in Israel (Isaiah 8:18).” When we fail to see the people of the Bible as people, we can risk missing out on their stories, and the way they connect to our modern-day lives.

The world cannot offer anything reliable. The world isn’t reliable. It’s fallen, cursed with sin and the consequences continuing to unfold as a result. The Lord is reliable. When we put our faith in Him, we will not be led astray, or let down. Leading a family carries more pressure than the sole responsibility for our lives. We have to constantly remind ourselves our family members don’t belong to us, but to God. Isaiah had another son:

God is reliable. We can count on the fact every life has a purpose. Everyone is known by their Creator, and Father. Maher-shalal-has-baz means, “quick to the plunder, swift to the spoil.” (Williams, 2012b) Names were more significant in ancient times, and still are in certain cultures around the world. A name announced the character and purpose of one’s life! Like Hosea’s children, they were a part of the prophet’s ministry. Every time a friend or neighbor spoke or heard those names, they were reminded of a prophetic message. One name recalled doom, the other, hope,” William C. Williams wrote.

Our names might not be prophetic, but our lives are purposed. We can rely on God’s intentionality in created each person with specific purpose, and the gifts and abilities needed to accomplish His will for every life.

The study of Isaiah’s family reminded me of the mission my own family has been on with the Lord. Two years ago, we held hands, and prayed for the Lord’s confirmation on the direction we felt He may be leading us. It was a new city, a new community, and a new home. We had built our current home – our handprints were in the concrete of our front porch, which overlooked the great lake we live by. The view of the water from the front yard and second floor, sound of the waves either crashing or lapping across the street, and the memories made in the home we built – we had to be sure God was leading us before we left. He answered in a way which could only be Him, and we answered the call to help establish a youth ministry in the community He was calling us to. Obedience is hard, and God’s timing is odd, but following Him is always worth it. This, we can rely on. Our lives were meant to bring glory to God, both individually, and together as a family, and community.


Williams, W. (2012b). They Spoke From God. Logion Press.

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