The Most Important Thing to Remember about the Upcoming Election Season

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The Most Important Thing to Remember about the Upcoming Election Season

Every year in November, there is an election day. Most of them come and go with little fanfare. However, things usually get revved up when there is a presidential election, which we are going to have next year. Unfortunately, most of the political speech you hear today is not really about a positive vision for our country. It is typically attacks based on what the other candidate is planning to do. It feels like the goal is to produce fear because they know fear is a far greater motivator than optimism. If you don’t believe me, just listen to most of the political ads and how much time they spend telling you how bad the other candidate is.

The first thing it can change is your outlook. This is crucial, especially if your candidate does not win. One of the biggest problems the American church is facing right now is we don’t pray. Don’t you think there is a correlation between the anxiety and worry many Christians feel about the elections and the lack of prayer? The two are absolutely connected.

Prayer is not about praying for your candidate to win. Prayer is about centering your focus, causing you to remember who you serve and who you believe in. This will help you regardless of who wins.

2. Get All the Right Information

This is more of a practical than spiritual suggestion. One thing you must acknowledge about television and the media is they all need ratings. This is true of every single network. There are no exceptions to this. If no one listens or watches, they won’t be around for very long.

I say this because most people watch the media outlets which confirm their opinions. The ones who tell them what they want to hear. This is called confirmation bias. If you only listen to those who will confirm what you already believe, then you will only hear one side of the story. If you really want the full picture, then you should listen to all opinions on a topic, even those you may not normally listen to, which helps to bring a complete perspective. Once you have all the information, it will help you make better decisions about who you decide to vote for.

3. Get Out and Cote

I believe we have a responsibility to vote. Just don’t put all your hope in the person you vote for. They are only human and may or may not deliver on what they promise. God is the only one who has ever fulfilled every promise he has made.

4. Don’t Lose Heart

Regardless of what happens during this upcoming election season, God is still sovereign and he is in control. If you don’t believe that to be true, then you may find yourself with anxiety, worry, and possibly anger – especially if your candidate does not win. In these moments, recognize you have misplaced your trust and go back to hoping and trusting in the Lord.

Final Thought

As we approach another election season, spend time building your relationship with the Lord. Yes, be aware of what is going on. However, before you go and call your friend and say do you hear what is going on, go before the Lord and tell him your worries and concerns. Seek his peace and ask him what the best way to approach this is. When you come from this perspective, then you can look at any election season through eyes and a heart that are fully trusting in the Lord. If you do this, then you will walk in peace, no matter the outcome. This is exactly what God wants for you anyway.

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