5 Ways to Become an Even Greater Student of the Bible

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5 Ways to Become an Even Greater Student of the Bible

We’ve all done it, sat down and open the Bible for our quiet time expecting to “get something out of it.” What happens however when we never read some of those more challenging books? Or what do we do when there is a hard question about life and we do not know where to find the answer, but we know the Bible answers the question?

God has given each person a different gifting. 1 Corinthians 12:11 says, “All these are empowered by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills.” It is extremely helpful to read the works of credible, intelligent, God-fearing individuals. Remember that using a resource is not your Bible, but it aides in your study.

One of the most powerful experiences that I have with Scripture is learning to cross-reference. This means that I can take a verse and connect it to another verse somewhere completely different because it uses the same words, phrase, or concept.

One amazing practical way to enhance cross referencing is memorizing Scripture. When you hide God’s Word in your heart, this means that you have the capability of remembering Scriptures while you study the Bible. You might realize that something you are reading connects with a verse that you know. Also, you can use tools online for cross referencing or a study Bible.

For example, in 1 Samuel 21 David visits Ahimelech to get bread from Him. Mark 2:23-28 cross references when Jesus mentions the mercy of Ahimelech to David in the situation with the showbread. This gives us a fuller picture of the gospel and the history of Christ.

The original texts of the Bible were written in Hebrew for the Old Testament and Greek for the New Testament. If you want to take your Bible study deeper, use resources to study what the original word or phrase was for a Scripture. Strong’s Concordance is a popular choice. Sometimes our translations are not nearly as powerful as the first intended meaning, so it can be more impactful.

Understanding the culture in which passages were written can be eye-opening as to why an example or parable was given.

For instance, as believers in the 21st century we do not rely on cleansing rituals because we have the saving grace of Jesus. When I read about the Samaritan woman, I never understood the cultural depth of Jesus saying that He was the “Living Water.” I discovered and shared my findings that the Jewish culture would cleanse themselves in what they called “living water” to purify from sins. The Samaritan woman could not have found enough living water to become clean, only Jesus could have set her free. He said that He was the Living Water (John 4).

As we approach the Bible, may we acknowledge that we come as humble students, bring our questions, use commentaries, cross reference, and study root words. Ultimately Jesus is the pinnacle of the Scriptures and we can see how each passage ties together in the greater message of the gospel.

We are all learning and growing. As you discover ways to study the Bible, put them into practice and share with others. There is beauty in the mystery and hope in the Word.

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