Foreign atmospheres bring our faith bubbling to the surface. On mission in a far-away country, I learned to rely on God more than ever before. In return, He faithfully performed miracles right before my eyes. It’s true, going on a mission trip is life changing. It takes hard work and preparation, not just to raise the funds to travel and stay, but to ready our hearts and our minds for the mission we are being called to. What does it mean to be on a mission?

Obedience is hardly popular opinion. Following is a much easier concept to commit to. Missionaries obediently follow God’s call to follow Him into the unpopular places in the world. Mission is defined in the English dictionary as a “group or committee of persons sent to a foreign country to conduct negotiations, establish relations, provide scientific and technical assistance, or the like.” It’s also defined as “Any important task or duty that is assigned, allotted, or self-imposed; an important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation.” Sometimes, those are the neighborhoods within walking distance of our homes. Other times, it’s quietly literally in remote places of the world.

Scripture is clear, Jesus will not return until every ear has had a chance to hear the Gospel message. Missionaries are at work every day, dedicating their lives to Jesus’ directive to “Go.” Commission is defined as “the act of committing or entrusting a person, group, etc., with supervisory power or authority; an authoritative order, charge, or direction; authority granted for a particular action or function.” Though we are not all called to be God’s literal army in other nations, we are all called to take part in the process.