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When Following God Is Hard, Persevere

| Editor, BibleStudyTools.com
6 May
When Following God Is Hard, Persevere

I stood to the side of the court, bare feet roasting in the sand, sweat dripping all down my face and my lungs screaming. “Why the heck do I do this,” I wondered for at least the fourth time. Every summer in college, some friends and I registered for a sand soccer tournament. I love soccer, but playing in the sand is much harder than grass, and it often wasn't much fun. But I still loved it and still signed up, mostly for everything surrounding it.

Spending time with my team before, watching the pros play in between our matches, and just having a weekend filled with soccer, good friends and the beach was worth the pain of the actual games.

There’s a lot of sports imagery in the Bible, and I think it’s because the authors understood that, like sports, living a life for Christ isn’t always fun. There are certainly fun parts, and the end result is the most incredible prize imaginable. But it’s often hard too, and it takes dedication.

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