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Single Christians Need Intimacy Too

| Editor, BibleStudyTools.com
15 Apr
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As we settled into our seats, my college friends and I glanced up at the screen and started to snicker. The speaker at our Christian conference was apparently going to be speaking about intimacy. To our 19-year-old minds, that meant we were getting the sex talk. But over the course of the next hour, we’d come to see that while “intimacy” has become a modern euphemism for sex, the Bible has so much more to say about the importance of non-sexual intimacy.

In his book 7 Myths about Singleness, Sam Allberry has an entire chapter devoted to intimacy for single folks. Turns out, I wasn’t too far off the mark when I started snickering – Allberry writes that “We can’t really conceive of genuine intimacy without it being ultimately sexual.”

But is that true? If intimacy means sex, and being Biblically single means practicing abstinence, then does that mean that Christian singles cannot have intimacy in their lives? When I do a quick Google search for “Christian intimacy,” every single article is about the marriage bed. Are singles doomed to a life of shallow relationships?

Absolutely not.

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