BST Quick Tips: A Comment on Commentaries

BST Quick Tips: A Comment on Commentaries

Commentaries on the Bible provide useful information to help you understand God's Word... as long as you remember their limitations.

Our site features a number of classic commentaries, insightful videos, and timely articles to provide added depth to your Bible study. Each of these can help you cut through cultural differences, untangle confusing passages, and really explore what God says in His Word. You'll find useful links to these resources below the reading pane for any passage you look up (click the pluses beside the titles to see them).

But keep one important fact in mind: Commentaries aren't inspired. While the Bible came directly to us from God, commentaries did not. They are useful--though fallible--attempts to explain the depth of Scripture. They help us see what the writer has learned from a lifetime of walking with Christ. But every human falls short of perfect understanding. And each of us has certain biases that shade our reading of the Bible.

So, be sure to read the Bible first before you dive into what others have written about it. Then, when you do check out Matthew Henry or John Wesley, remember that they are wise interpreters of Scripture, but not perfect.

We've provided many perspectives on this site so that you can prayerfully weigh the comments you read. Be sure to take advantage of them as you read through the Bible this year or next.