7 Evening Prayers to Help You Wind Down at Night Time

7 Evening Prayers to Help You Wind Down at Night Time

Prayer is an important part of our faith and helps believers connect with God. The Bible gives accounts of God’s children praying. Noah prayed. Abraham prayed. Esther prayed. Daniel prayed. And there are numerous accounts when Jesus and his disciples prayed. Scripture teaches that God wants to hear our prayers and that we should bring every request to the Lord. Prayer is the place we can praise the Lord, bring our needs, and talk to Jesus about anything and everything.

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done” (Philippians 4:6).

However your day went, the ups and downs, and the good and bad, you have a loving God who wants to hear from you. Ending the day with night time prayer is an incredible way to ground oneself in Jesus after the long day has passed. Praying in the evening helps believers finish their day by spending time with the God who was with them each moment and who desires to hear from them.

As the sun sets and the world gradually grows quiet, there's a unique serenity that envelops the evening hours—a perfect time for reflection, gratitude, and connection with our loving God before we close our eyes to sleep. Nighttime prayer offers sacred opportunity before the day's end to give our worries and concerns to our Father in heaven. Whether it's a moment of quiet solitude and meditation, a bedtime ritual with loved ones, or a formal liturgy, the act of saying a night prayer in the evening carries powerful change for our heart, soul, and mind before sleep. In the stillness of the night, we have the chance to pour out our hearts, express our hopes and fears, and seek guidance and comfort from God.

Perhaps praying in the evening is already part of your day or is something new you want to try. Here are seven prayers to help you wind down your day and to pray in the evening time.

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1. Evening Prayer for Peaceful Sleep

Man asleep in his bed

Heavenly Father,

You are the God who created me and therefore knows what I need most. You designed me to rest and sleep to be refreshed and for my overall well-being. I ask for a good and peaceful night’s rest, oh Lord. Help me to let go of my worries and give them fully over to you. Let me instead trust that you are in control and will make a way. Help my mind to quiet down, so that I would not be kept up thinking about unfinished tasks, or even tomorrow’s to-do list. Let me instead put my mind on You, so that I can get the rest my body needs.

Help me to be still in this moment and remain confident that You are my God. Lord, allow me to have a peaceful sleep. I pray against nightmares or dreams that would interrupt my sleep. I pray against noises or disturbances that would interrupt my sleep. I pray that peace would be throughout my home and all who dwell here, so that I would get a good night’s rest. Lord, I set my mind on You tonight because you are my God and my Savior. Thank you, Jesus, for hearing my prayers and for helping me get a peaceful night of sleep.


2. Night Prayer to Reflect on Your Day

Gracious and loving Lord,

I thank you for another day of life and breath. Truly, each day is a gift from You. In some ways, this day was as I had planned and expected. I am relieved by those routine moments and ways that I was able to accomplish what I set out to do, even if the steps were small. But in other ways, the day caught me off guard and I found myself feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and tired. I was reminded of my need for You in those moments.

You see everything that is coming and are never caught off guard. I can put my trust and hope in You. I am grateful that You were by my side every step of the day. Thank you for blessing me with your unconditional love. Thank you for blessing me with good and sweet memories. Thank you for the challenges I encountered because I know You will be my ever present help in these times. Thank you, Lord, for this day.

I pray all this in Jesus’ most holy name,


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3. Evening Prayer to Say with Your Family

happily family relaxing on Sabbath in bed

Dear Jesus,

We are grateful for your goodness and loving kindness. We thank you for seeing our family through this day. Though we each had our own agenda and plan, we know you were with us and guiding us along. As a family, we desire to serve you and put you first above everything. Help us to love you with all our hearts, minds, and strength.

We ask that you fill our home with peace and love, and that Your Spirit would dwell here. Keep out of our home what will lead us away from you, and keep in our home what will be honoring to You. Help us to be kind to one another, to take opportunities to look after one another, and to make good and fun memories as a family. Let our family honor you in how we act toward each other. Each day, lead us into our workplaces, schools, and community as a Light in the world, pointing others to you, Jesus. We love you, Lord, and pray all of this in the name of Jesus,


4. Night-time Prayer for the Coming Day

Heavenly Father,

You know what’s on my heart. You know what’s on my mind. I look to tomorrow and ask that you would be ahead of me. I pray that tomorrow I would stand in Your perfect will for my life. So much is out of my control, so show me ways to put my faith in Your good plans. Help me to make prayerful decisions that will bring glory to You. Watch over me and keep me safe wherever I go.

I pray that I would be productive and use the gifts and skills you have given me. I ask that you help me have patience with those I encounter and extend grace when it is needed. I am grateful that You are in control, Lord, and that I can trust You. I place tomorrow in your hands and thank you that I do not have to worry when I hope in You. 


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5. Good Night Prayer of Gratitude

senior woman peacefully praying

Loving God,

I am so grateful for who you are and for all you do. You are the King of kings, and Lord of lords. You are my God who I will follow and serve all my days. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for being with me no matter what I go through. Thank you for watching over my loved ones and having them in your hands. I praise you for all your goodness and love.

Let my mind be set upon you this evening. Let me dwell on your goodness and holiness. I worship you because you are the only God. You alone are worthy of my praise. Thank you for sending your Son to save the world and for sending your Spirit to guide us in truth. I love you, Lord, and praise you with all my heart. Let my life be honoring to you, let my faith be deep and lasting, and help me to cling to you in all circumstances. You are magnificent and glorious, oh Lord! I praise your Holy Name. 


6. Evening Prayer of Surrender

Lord Jesus,

When I consider my life, my family, my community, my nation, and this world, I recognize that so much is out of my control. I am in awe at how big you are that you can take care of all these things. You are God and I am not. My ways are not Your ways. I ask that you would help me to surrender. Help me to surrender my control, my emotions, my worries, and my fears. Tonight, I lay these at Your feet and declare my trust and hope is in You alone.

I cannot fix everything, and that is not my job. You are the only Savior and Redeemer. I surrender all to you. I give you my plans and instead seek to follow your path for me. Let me not be consumed with fear or worry, but to know that You are good and will work things out for those who love you. Let my faith be strong and deeply rooted. Thank you for your goodness in the midst of everything going on.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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7. Evening Prayer of Confession

Woman praying alone


I admit today was tough for me. I made mistakes and missed opportunities to shine the Light of Christ. I recognize my errors and sins, and desire to wholeheartedly turn from any evil ways. I confess to You my sins and ask for your precious forgiveness. Your word promises that you will be faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and purify me from all unrighteousness.

Jesus, you went to the cross for me. You took my place. Help me to live in ways that are pleasing to You. Help me to live more like Jesus and bear the fruit of the Spirit. Transform my heart and make me more like You. You are the Potter and I am the clay. Soften my heart and help me to walk away from the temptations and difficult situations that cause me to stumble. Thank you for always giving me a way out and for coming to my rescue. I am grateful that I can tell you everything and that Your love for me is unconditional. Thank you for your grace and for your forgiveness. Let my mind be at peace, free of guilt and shame, trusting that You have washed me white as snow. 


Night prayers are a sacred and precious way that followers of Jesus can talk to and dwell in the presence of God. God loves each of his beloved children and wants to hear from us in prayer. We can pray any time of day and know that God hears us. It can be particularly powerful and beneficial to spend time in prayer at the end of your day before laying your head down to sleep. It is a chance to talk to and connect with God after a long day and remember that He is with you, cares for you, and you can sleep in peace.

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