7 Short Daily Prayers to Start Your Day Strong

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7 Short Daily Prayers to Start Your Day Strong

Some people wake up, grab their phone and start scrolling through news headlines or social media to start the day. Other people slink toward the coffeemaker or lace up their running shoes to hit the gym. 

But one of the most meaningful and important morning routines can begin even before we get out of bed: by taking a few moments in prayer with God. 

Why pray upon rising? By starting our day with the most important thing — and person — in our lives, God, we prioritize our faith. It’s an act of honor and respect, and it reminds us of our true purpose in life, which is to share the Gospel and glorify God.

Praying first thing in the morning also has other benefits, such as decreasing our anxiety, increasing our productivity, and helping us better connect with and hear the Holy Spirit. 

Here, then, are seven short daily prayers to start your day.

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1. A Prayer for Before You Get Out of Bed

Happy woman stretching before getting out of bed in the morning

Dear Heavenly Father, 

You know I’ve just woken up, and my mind isn’t working at its optimum just yet. As I lay here, help me remember how very loved I am by You. You created me in Your image, You know me intimately and completely, and You consider me so precious that You made a way to heaven for me through Your son, Jesus. Because of this, I can call myself Your child and rest safely and securely in the knowledge and comfort that no matter what happens today, I am wrapped in Your arms. You have a plan and a purpose for my life, and I can trust that whatever comes, You will make something good out of it.

Lord, please bless my legs and my arms, my hands and my feet, and help me to serve You in all I do. Please bless the words on my lips and the thoughts in my mind and keep them centered on You and reflective of You. 

I cast all my worries and fears upon You, and I trust that You can handle them.

Help me to be Your instrument in the world today and every day, and use me however You need. 

I love you, Lord.

In Your precious and holy name I pray, 


2. A Prayer for Monday Morning

Dear Lord, 

The sabbath has ended, and now I begin a new week of work. Help me to see today as a fresh start for whatever it is You have planned for the coming days. Help me to embrace the joy it is to work for You and through You, using the beautiful gifts and abilities You bestowed upon me. Even if bad things happen this week or I experience boredom, suffering, or pain, help me to remember You are the reason for everything. Allow that joy to permeate every moment of my day today and all week as I cling to faith in You and Your promises.

Help me to serve You well and represent You well in the world, whether through my work, my words, my prayers, or any other opportunity You provide. 

Thank You for all the beauty You put in my life, from the people I encounter to the artistry of Your creation: the sunrise and sunset, the oceans and the mountains, Your creatures great and small, all of us together on this breathtaking and miraculous planet because of one reason: You. 

I am Yours, now and always.


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3. A Breakfast Prayer

woman reading Bible in one hand and holding coffee in another

Father God, 

Thank You for providing this breakfast for me. You are always and only good, and all You provide is a welcome balm and a treasure to my soul. Thank You for those who worked to prepare the food I now enjoy, for the hands that labored and toiled to help put this before me now. I am grateful for all the ways You provide for me, and I treasure Your blessings, for I know in my heart that You love me with a mercy and compassion that staggers me. 

As I eat, help the food to nourish my body and my soul. Help it to energize my mind and provide nutrition and immunity to keep me be strong and healthy so I can continue to work for You in all the ways You need. 

And please help me not to worry about other physical, emotional, or spiritual needs I might have today, nor whether You will provide breakfast tomorrow. Instead, help me trust and rest in the promise that You take care of all my needs. 

As we’re told in Matthew 6:25-34, all we must do is set our minds upon You and Your kingdom, and all we need will be provided by You. Help me to stay focused on this truth and remember in gratitude all You provide.

Thank You, precious Lord.


4. A Prayer for Your Commute

Creator of the Universe,

I imagine we all must look like ants scurrying to and fro from above, going this way and that, darting back and forth and so caught up in the busyness of life. But today, as I come before You in prayer as I commute to work and anywhere else I go this day, I pause to remember that the hustle and bustle of the world isn’t the important thing. You, Lord, are what matters. Help me to remember this as I make my way to work, honoring the reality that all I do today should be focused on You in some way. Allow me to make an impact in some way.

Today, I invite You to use me on this commute however You wish. Perhaps You’ll bring another driver near who senses the Holy Spirit or somehow recognizes You through the way I drive or conduct myself. Perhaps You will use common courtesies, such as letting someone go ahead of me in traffic or holding the door for someone, to show love to my fellow neighbor. Perhaps You will give me a reason to tell someone else about You and Your saving grace.

Please keep me and all those I love safe today, but most importantly, please use me to shine Your light in the world around me. This is my mission field, and I am ready for my mission.


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5. A Prayer for Busy Days

street scene people walking morning light

Almighty and all-powerful God,

You know I have a busy day ahead of me. Responsibilities are stacked high. Already, I feel the tick of the clock pushing me out the door and toward that busy need ahead.

Let me focus my sights on You this day despite how busy things are. Help me to know that You are my true north in the compass of life, and that all I do needs to direct and focus on You for it to mean anything. 

Help me to push through and have the stamina, endurance, and energy necessary to tackle all the projects ahead of me, and to have the wisdom and discernment and clarity to hear Your voice in the clamor and excitement all around me. Help me to hear Your voice louder than the loudest trumpet and not allow that busyness to take me off-course from the path You have set me on. 

I love You, God. 


6. A Prayer for Exciting Days


What a day lies ahead of me! You know my emotions and energy are ramping up even as this prayer pours from my mouth. But no matter how much excitement is to come, help me know that You are walking with me every step of the way. You are there on the highest mountaintop and the fastest roller coaster, the most dangerous skydive and the strongest, most life-changing sensations. There is nothing You cannot do and nowhere You will not go.

So as I prepare for today, help me to know that You are with me, and I am not alone. Help all the joy I experience stay rooted in You, knowing that You created this opportunity and this experience. 

Help me to learn from today and shine Your light in all I do. 

I am grateful for Your love and Your providence now and forevermore.


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7. A Prayer for Boring Days

older woman sitting in living room with Bible thinking toward window

Dear God,

I rise today knowing the plans and tasks before me feel lackluster and dull, boring and mundane. But I also know that far more amazing and exciting is the world and the opportunities You have created. In fact, just because something seems boring to my short-sighted human perspective doesn’t mean it is in Your eyes. You see the truth and the beauty of what today truly means. 

Because of this, help me to go about my day heartened and joyful. Help me reflect the spirit of Your words to the apostle Paul in Colossians 3:23-24, that whatever I do, I should “work at it with all my heart as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving” (NIV).

Bless my work and help me remember that I serve You in all I do. And help utilize me in the middle of that work to somehow spread Your message and show others Your way, too. 

In Your precious name I pray,


I hope these short prayers help you begin your day devoted to the Lord, who is the king of all kings, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. You might think of a morning prayer routine like this is a good tithe of your time, a small thing you can do to show honor and respect to the God of all creation.

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