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9 Beautiful Prayers for Moms This Mother's Day

9 Beautiful Prayers for Moms This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special time set aside to celebrate motherhood and the many women who raise and invest in children. This sweet holiday is a day when children and families can honor the women in their lives who have raised, taught, helped, and poured into them. Although this holiday is not a biblical one, God instructs honor and respect toward mothers (see Ephesians 6:1-3).

Many families celebrate Mother’s Day by going to church together, preparing the meal for mom, giving mom gifts or handmade projects, letting mom have a day of rest, and doing a special activity together as a family.

This year, Mother’s Day will be recognized on May 8, 2022. Here are nine prayers we can say for moms this special time of year.

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Prayer of Thanks for Mom

Two grown daughters hugging their mom

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for mom. You created such a precious identity and role for a woman who raises children. We thank you for the ways mom takes care of us, how mom teaches us, and how mom sacrifices so much for her family. We give thanks for the faith and spirituality that mom passes on to the next generation, and that mom takes seriously the biblical instruction to train a child up in the ways of the Lord. Mom works so hard in and out of the home to provide for the many physical, emotional, and spiritual needs for her family, and we thank you, Lord, for the passion and heart mom has to work hard and glorify you. We are grateful for how you strengthen, equip, and empower mom to be the hands and feet of Jesus in her home and community. We thank you for the countless ways she blesses us and takes care of us. Thank you, Lord, for blessing our family with a mom who shows what it means to put others before herself.


Prayer for a New Mom

Gracious God,

We pray for the new mom. The woman who is learning how to care for a baby, how to juggle all the new and existing responsibilities, experiencing sleepless nights, and doing her best to sooth and nourish her little one. We pray that she would find peace and rest in this beautiful yet challenging season in the life of her family. We ask that you would grant her wisdom, that you would teach her, and that you would give her confidence in this new role. Pour into her, Lord, giving her strength and holding her marriage and family together through all the transitions and changes. Surround her with family and friends who will support her, be there for her, and encourage her. Give her courage to ask for help and share what’s on her heart and mind as she cares for a new baby. Let her savor this time and find hope that she can do all things through Christ Jesus.


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Prayer for a Mom of Adult Children

Mom and Adult Daughter


We thank you for the mom whose children have been raised and are now adults. We pray for the mom who is going through seasons of change as her children move out of the house, go off to college, start a family of their own, and venture into new careers. We pray for the mom who is learning how to be the parent to a child who is all grown up and now an adult. We pray for the mom who is hoping her adult child comes to know You as their Lord and Savior. Help this mom to speak life and truth to her adult children. Help this mom to keep praying for her adult children and pointing them back to you. We pray this mom would be welcoming of her daughter- or son-in-law, and that she would invest in her grandchildren. Give this mom continued purpose, ways to nurture, and help her find new meaning in her life as she trusts her children to the plans and purposes You have for them. Provide this mom the chance to invest in, mentor, and encourage moms of younger children. We thank you for her wisdom gained and what she has to offer in service for your honor and glory.


Prayer of Blessing for Mom


We lift up mom to you and ask that you would bless her. We pray that you would bless her with wisdom which comes from heaven. We ask that you bless her with peace that surpasses all understanding. Let Your blessing be on her so that she would rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances. Bless her with a deep hope in You alone. We ask that you would anoint her – that she would bear the fruit of the Spirit, that she would not labor in vain, and that You would bless the work of her hands. Lord, bless her with love, hope, and faith as she goes about her days. Bless her with the eyes to see that all she does for her children and her family provides her ways to glorify You. We pray that she would be blessed in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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Prayer to Encourage the Woman Who Isn't a Mom

Back view of a woman sitting by the ocean

Loving God,

We pray for the woman who isn’t a mom, yet desires in her heart to have a family. You know the anticipation, the sadness or hopelessness she may be feeling. We trust, Lord, that you are with her and can bring the comfort and rest that she needs. We pray, oh God, that you would remind her of her worth, that she is made in your image, and that you love her unconditionally. Calm her fears and worries. Relieve her anxieties and aching heart. Help her to trust you in all circumstances. We pray that she would find hope in the good plans you have for her. Provide her opportunities to nurture, use her gifts, and ministry to others for your glory. We pray that during this season when mothers are being celebrated, she would know you see her and remember her, too. We thank you, Lord, for helping her through, and ask this all in Jesus’ name.


Prayer for Foster/Adoption Mom

Heavenly Father,

We pray for the foster moms who are taking care of children who are orphans, needing a safe refuge, or waiting to be reunited with their biological family. We pray that you would help foster moms to plant seeds of faith, to point these children to you, and to love them in the ways they need. Give her patience, help her navigate the system, and get the support she needs to provide a loving home to foster children. We thank you for her heart to take care of these children, whether it be a few days, or years. We pray, too, for the moms who are adopting or have adopted a child. We pray you would give them confidence, guide them through the process of adoption, and remind them that you have good plans for their family. We pray you would strengthen the bond between mother and child, and that you would guide the relationship between the biological family and the adoptive parents. Lord, let all involved put the child first, helping them to feel fully safe, loved, and attached. We thank you for adoptive moms who have joyfully welcomed a child into their heart, home, and family.


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Prayer for the Single Mom

Mom and child taking a nap together


We pray for the mom who, for whatever reason, is raising her children as a single parent. We ask that you would remind her of your love for her. We pray that she would do her best each day to point her children to the love of Jesus and find peace in You. Lord, provide for her and meet the needs of her and her family. Through challenging seasons and hardships, give her assurance that you are with her and will see her through. We know you see her tears, you see her working hard, and we know you are guiding her steps when she calls out to you. Give her courage and favor, and surround her with family, friends, and a church family that will love her and help her. We pray that her children would lack nothing. Deepen her faith and trust in You, her savior, redeemer, and loving Father.


Prayer for the Estranged Mom

Good God,

We lift up the mom who has an estranged relationship with her children and/or grandchildren. You know her story. You know what weighs heavy on her heart and mind, especially this time of year when motherhood is celebrated. We pray that you would mend the broken hearts and hear the prayers of these mothers. We ask that relationships would be restored in Jesus’ name. We ask that hurts and offenses would be forgiven, and that you would bring peace to the mom who is hurting. We pray for the children and grandchildren involved, as well, that you would carry their sadness and pain. We pray for humility to abound in both parties’ hearts and that you would remind these moms of your deep care and love for them. Family is an incredible gift you have given, but in our brokenness, we often face troubles, have problems, and relationships can be wounded. We ask that you would comfort these moms and bring them hope in all circumstances.


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Prayer for the Mother-in-Law

Adult daughter and mother


We lift up the mom who did not raise us in our youth, but who came into our lives by marriage. We thank you for how she has welcomed us into the family, how she has loved us as one of her own children, and that she continues to support and make a wonderful impact on our family. We thank you for this mother-in-law who raised my spouse and taught him or her to be loving, strong, and faithful to the Lord. What a special gift that we get a bonus mom as a result of marriage. We pray that you would bless our mothers-in-law with understanding, patience, and wisdom as the new relationship forms, builds, and deepens over the years. We pray she would be a source of strength, encouragement, and love for her family. Lord, bless her and watch over her. 


Motherhood is a precious gift from the Lord, and this time of year we can be intentional to celebrate and make moms feel special. These nine prayers can be encouraging to moms and give you something to pray about when you think of the women you know who are mothers. Each season of motherhood brings joys and challenges, all of which can use prayer and God’s help. Scripture teaches that women and motherhood are to be honored and are part of God’s beautiful design for humanity.

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