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7 Hopeful Reasons to Live with Eternity in Mind

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11 Jul
7 Hopeful Reasons to Live with Eternity in Mind

Turning on the news or flicking through social media, it’s easy to get absorbed in what is happening in the world right now. We get caught up in the most pressing issues of the day. Maybe we don’t need the news for that; perhaps it’s our individual lives that have us completely transfixed on the here and now with all of its competing demands. Our daily life keeps us moving from one thing to the next. 

For followers of Christ, there is a view that we need that which reaches beyond the immediate concerns of today. That view is eternity. It comes with hope and warning – and we need to heed both. Let’s take off the lens of our present circumstances for a moment and look with a steadfast gaze towards eternity.

Here are seven reasons why we need to keep that eternal perspective in view:

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