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God's Will Has Nothing to Do with My Feelings (Rick Whitter)

We sometimes mistakenly think that God exists for the purpose of making us happy. Be aware, however, our comfort is not God’s priority. While He is not into inflicting pain on His children, we cannot equate our good feelings with His plan.

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When God Says No (The Gospel Coalition)

Life doesn't always turn out the way we envisioned, does it? Our hopes and dreams may never come to pass. Wishes and desires for good things, like children, work, or a spouse, are delayed---perhaps even for a lifetime. Maybe you have been praying for something and God continues to say no, and this hope deferred, like the proverb says, has made your heart sick (Proverbs 13:12).

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The Forgotten Second Coming (Canon Fodder)

But often forgotten in our zeal to show that the Bible is a book about the past, is the reality that the Bible is also a book about the future. The Christian message is fundamentally eschatological (to use the standard theological nomenclature). It is not only about how God has entered the world during the first coming, but also about how God will enter the world again during the second coming. And when he does so, he will set all things right.

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How Can We Grow in Holiness? (Crossway Blog)

The difference between the person who grows in holiness and the one who doesn’t is not a matter of personality, upbringing, or gifting; the difference is what each has planted into the soil of his or her heart and soul. So holiness isn’t a mysterious spiritual state that only an elite few can reach. It’s more than an emotion, or a resolution, or an event. Holiness is a harvest.


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