You never move beyond Bible study. It’s a class that continues for as long as you’re here on earth. But as you study, consider these “advanced” practices that you may want to incorporate.

Memorize Scripture. The writer of Psalms 119 shares that we can keep our lives pure by hiding God’s Word in our hearts (Psalms 119:9-16). Memorizing verses and passages can help us in our daily lives as we remember God's promises and guidance.

Join a Bible study or small group. Coming together with other believers to study Scripture is a great way to share stories of transformation, to pray for each other, and to grow in community. We have virtual Bible study groups on our site if there isn’t one close to you.

Learn the original languages. We offer a number of solid translations of the Bible on our site, but learning the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) can help you dig deeper into Scripture. You can also use our interlinear Bible to study the original words—without taking language classes.