If you've dug around on our site, you may have come across links to what's called an "interlinear bible." So, what is that? And how can you use it?

Well, despite the scholarly-sounding name, an interlinear Bible isn't as forbidding as it may seem. It's simply a way for any student of Scripture to examine the Greek and Hebrew words that lie behind our English translations. If you know those languages or not, you can still get quite a bit out of the experience.

With our interlinear versions (we have both the King James Version and the New American Standard for now), you'll see the verses laid out in English first with the Hebrew or Greek underneath. Every word is linked to our lexicons so that you can explore the definitions and nuances of each. (Quick tip: Open the words in a new tab so that you don't lose your place.) Try the Romans 1:1 to see what we mean.

Of course, the translations provided on our site are all high quality and produced by biblical scholars over many years. So, you don't have to dive into the originals. But they're there for you if you prefer.