Theologically Driven

Theologically Driven
Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

A Pattern for Preaching that Meets People’s Needs

Why the Quest for the Historical Jesus Matters

Hidden in Plain View: Mystery and Fulfillment in Colossians 1:25–26

Presuppositional Apologetics in a Non-Western Setting

Calvin the Preacher

Josephus (not Luke) Misdated Quirinius’s Census

The Problem with “Gospel-Centered” Sanctification

Why Christians Need History

Exodus and Biblical Theology

The Importance of Being Important

Do I Answer a Fool? Or Do I Not?

Church History Resources for Children

Does Your Church Feel the Need for Church Planting?

Does God Have Blood?

What’s Wrong with Justification by Works?

“I Don’t Put God in a Box Like That.” Really?

Prayer and the Sovereignty of God: Six Reasons Why Believers Should Pray

The Genre of the Psalms, Part 1

How to Read a Psalm

Who is the Angel of the LORD in the Old Testament?

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