Mark 4:33

33 With many such parables he continued to give them the word, as much as they were able to hear.

Mark 4:33 Meaning and Commentary

Mark 4:33

And with many such parables
As those of the tares, of the leaven in three measures of meal, of the treasure hid in the field, the pearl of great price, the net cast into the sea, and of the Scribe instructed unto the kingdom of God; which though not related at length here, are by the Evangelist Matthew, in ( Matthew 13:24-30 Matthew 13:33 Matthew 13:44-50 Matthew 13:52 ) together with others elsewhere:

spake he the word unto them;
preached the Gospel to the multitude,

as they were able to hear it:
meaning either that he condescended to their weakness, accommodated himself to their capacities, and made use of the plainest similes; and took his comparison from things in nature, the most known and obvious, that what he intended might more easily be understood; or rather, he spoke the word to them in parables, as they were able to hear, without understanding them; and in such a manner, on purpose that they might not understand; for had he more clearly expressed the things relating to himself, as the Messiah, and to the Gospel dispensation, so as that they could have took in his meaning, such were their pride, their wickedness, and the rancour of their minds, that they would have at once rose up, and attempted to have destroyed him.

Mark 4:33 In-Context

31 Consider a mustard seed. When scattered on the ground, it's the smallest of all the seeds on the earth;
32 but when it's planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all vegetable plants. It produces such large branches that the birds in the sky are able to nest in its shade."
33 With many such parables he continued to give them the word, as much as they were able to hear.
34 He spoke to them only in parables, then explained everything to his disciples when he was alone with them.
35 Later that day, when evening came, Jesus said to them, "Let's cross over to the other side of the lake."