Psalms 78:15

15 God split rocks open in the wilderness, gave them plenty to drink— as if from the deep itself!

Psalms 78:15 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 78:15

He clave the rocks in the wilderness
The one at Rephidim, ( Exodus 17:1-6 ) , and the other at Kadesh, ( Numbers 20:1-11 ) both to be seen at this day; (See Gill on Exodus 17:1), (See Gill on Exodus 17:2), (See Gill on Exodus 17:3), (See Gill on Exodus 17:4), (See Gill on Exodus 17:5), (See Gill on Exodus 17:6), (See Gill on Numbers 20:1), (See Gill on Numbers 20:2), (See Gill on Numbers 20:3), (See Gill on Numbers 20:4), (See Gill on Numbers 20:5), (See Gill on Numbers 20:6), (See Gill on Numbers 20:7), (See Gill on Numbers 20:8), (See Gill on Numbers 20:9), (See Gill on Numbers 20:10), (See Gill on Numbers 20:11), though of the latter no modern traveller makes mention but one, yet Jerom F2 from Eusebius affirms that it was shown in his day: they were typical of Christ, ( 1 Corinthians 10:4 ) , who is frequently compared to one for height, strength, and duration, shade, shelter, and protection; and is called the Rock of Israel, the Rock of offence to both houses of Israel, the Rock of salvation, the Rock of refuge, the Rock of strength, the Rock that is higher than the saints, and on which the church is built, and who is the shadow of a great rock in a weary land. The cleaving of the rocks is ascribed to God, which was done by the hands of Moses; and so the Targum adds,

``by the rod of Moses their master;''

but Moses was only the instrument, it was the Lord that did it; Moses with his rod could never have done it, had not the power of God went along with it. This smiting and cleaving the rocks were an emblem of the sufferings of Christ, who was smitten of God with the rod of justice, according to the law of Moses, in a judicial way, for the sins of his people, and in order to obtain salvation for them:

and gave them drink as out of the great depths;
such a large quantity of water flowed out of the rocks when smitten, as if it came out of the great sea, which furnished them with drink sufficient, and more than enough for them and their cattle; this was typical of the large abundance of grace, and the blessings of it, which flow freely and plentifully from Christ and his fulness, and through his sufferings and death.


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Psalms 78:15 In-Context

13 God split the sea and led them through, making the waters stand up like a wall.
14 God led them with the cloud by day; by the lightning all through the night.
15 God split rocks open in the wilderness, gave them plenty to drink— as if from the deep itself!
16 God made streams flow from the rock, made water run like rivers.
17 But they continued to sin against God, rebelling against the Most High in the desert.