Psalms 78:71

71 God brought him from shepherding nursing ewes to shepherd his people Jacob, to shepherd his inheritance, Israel.

Psalms 78:71 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 78:71

From following the ewes great with young
Or, "from after" them F1; it was usual with the shepherd to put them before him, and to follow them, and gently drive them, which is expressive of his care and tenderness of them; see ( Genesis 33:13 Genesis 33:14 ) , the same is observed of David's antitype, the great and good Shepherd of the sheep, ( Isaiah 40:11 ) . David was a type of Christ as a shepherd; as he kept his father's sheep, so Christ keeps those that the Father has given him, ( John 10:29 ) , as David kept his flock with great care and courage, and in safety, ( 1 Samuel 17:34-36 ) , so does the Lord Jesus Christ keep his flock in safety, and preserves it from Satan, the roaring lion, and from grievous wolves that enter into it, and every beast of prey that would devour it; and particularly as David took special care of those that were with young, so does the Lord take special care of such that are newborn babes, that have Christ formed in them, and are big with desires after him, carry a burden, and are weary, and heavy laden: the Targum, Jarchi, and Kimchi, interpret the word F2 of such that give suck, and so it most properly signifies:

he brought him to feed Jacob his people, and Israel his inheritance;
that is, to rule over them: this is said in allusion to his having been a shepherd; and nothing is more common than for kings to be represented as shepherds, and their acts of government by leading and feeding; and one and the same word in the Greek language signifies to feed and rule: and so the Targum,

``he brought him to rule over Jacob his people:''

this was a great honour indeed, to be the governor of the Lord's people, a special people above all people on the face of the earth, and whom he had chosen to be his inheritance; and in this also he was a type of Christ, who has the throne of his father David given him, and who reigns over the house of Jacob, one of whose titles is King of saints; for as the government of the world in general, so of the church in particular, is on his shoulders, ( Luke 1:32 Luke 1:33 ) ( Revelation 15:4 ) ( Isaiah 9:6 Isaiah 9:7 ) .


F1 (rxam) "de post", Montanus, Vatablus, Gejerus; "a post", Michaelis.
F2 (twle) "lactantes", Vatablus, Gejerus, Michaelis.

Psalms 78:71 In-Context

69 God built his sanctuary like the highest heaven and like the earth, which he established forever.
70 And God chose David, his servant, taking him from the sheepfolds.
71 God brought him from shepherding nursing ewes to shepherd his people Jacob, to shepherd his inheritance, Israel.
72 David shepherded them with a heart of integrity; he led them with the skill of his hands.