Exodus 29:1-37

Instructions for the priests’ ordination

1 Now this is what you should do to make them holy in order to serve me as priests. Take a young bull and two flawless rams.
2 Take unleavened bread, unleavened flatbread made with oil, and unleavened wafers spread with oil. Make them out of high-quality wheat flour.
3 Put them all in one basket and present them in the basket along with the bull and the two rams.
4 Present Aaron and his sons at the entrance to the meeting tent and wash them with water.
5 Then take the priestly clothes and put them on Aaron: the tunic, the vest's robe, the vest itself, and the chest pendant. Put the vest on him with the vest's belt.
6 Set the turban on his head and place the holy crown on the turban.
7 Take the anointing oil and pour it on his head to anoint him.
8 Then present his sons and put the tunics on them.
9 Tighten the sashes on them, on both Aaron and his sons. Wrap the turbans on their heads. It will be a permanent regulation that the duties of priesthood belong to them. In this way, you will ordain Aaron and his sons.
10 Present the bull at the front of the meeting tent. Aaron and his sons will lay their hands on the bull's head.
11 Then slaughter the bull in the LORD's presence at the meeting tent's entrance.
12 Take some of the bull's blood and smear it on the altar's horns with your finger. Pour out the rest of the blood at the altar's base.
13 Then take all the fat that covers the inner organs, the lobe of the liver, and the two kidneys along with the fat that is on them, and burn them up in smoke on the altar.
14 Burn the rest of the meat of the bull, its hide, and the intestines with their contents with a fire outside the camp. It is a purification offering.
15 Choose one of the rams, and have Aaron and his sons lay their hands on the ram's head.
16 Then slaughter the ram. Take its blood and throw it against all the altar's sides.
17 Cut up the ram into parts. Wash its inner organs and legs, and put them together with its parts and its head.
18 Then turn the entire ram into smoke by burning it on the altar. It is an entirely burned offering for the LORD, a soothing smell, a food gift for the LORD.
19 Take the second ram, and have Aaron and his sons lay their hands on the ram's head.
20 Slaughter the ram. Take some of its blood and smear it on the right earlobes of Aaron and his sons, on the thumbs of their right hands, and on the big toes of their right feet. Throw the rest of the blood against all the altar's sides.
21 Then take some of the blood on the altar and some of the anointing oil and sprinkle them on Aaron and on his clothes and on his sons and on his sons' clothes. In this way, Aaron, his sons, and all their priestly garments will be holy.
22 Take the fatty parts of the ram: the fat tail, the fat around the inner organs, the lobe of the liver, the two kidneys with the fat around them, and the right thigh (because it is a ram for ordination).
23 Add one loaf of bread, one flatbread made with oil, and one wafer from the basket of unleavened bread that was presented to the LORD.
24 Place all of these in the hands of Aaron and his sons, and lift them as an uplifted offering in the LORD's presence.
25 Then take them from their hands and turn them into smoke by burning them on the altar with the entirely burned offering as a soothing smell in the LORD's presence. It is a food gift for the LORD.
26 Take the breast of the ram for Aaron's ordination and lift it as an uplifted offering in the LORD's presence. It will be your portion.
27 Make holy the breast that was lifted for the uplifted offering and the thigh that was raised for the gift offering from the ram for the ordination. They belong to Aaron and his sons.
28 Those parts will be given to Aaron and his sons from the Israelites as a permanent provision, because they are a gift offering. They will be a gift offering from the Israelites, their gift offering to the LORD from their well-being sacrifices.
29 Aaron's holy clothes should be passed on to his sons after him. His sons should be anointed in them and ordained in them.
30 The son who is priest in his place should wear them seven days when he comes into the meeting tent to minister in the sanctuary.
31 Take the ram for the ordination and boil its meat in a holy place.
32 Aaron and his sons will eat the ram's meat and the bread that is in the basket at the meeting tent's entrance.
33 They alone should eat the food that was used to purify them, to ordain them, and to make them holy. No one else should eat it because it is holy.
34 If any meat for the ordination or any of the bread is left over until morning, then you should burn the leftovers with fire. It shouldn't be eaten because it's holy.
35 Treat Aaron and his sons just as I have commanded you. Ordain them for seven days.
36 Every day you should offer a bull as a purification offering for reconciliation. You should remove the sin from the altar through a ritual of reconciliation, and you should anoint the altar to make it holy.
37 Seven days you should perform the ritual of reconciliation for the altar and make it holy. In this way, the altar will become most holy, and whatever touches the altar will also become holy.