5 The king answered the astrologers, "Here is what I have decided: if you don't tell me both the dream and its interpretation, you will be torn limb from limb and your houses reduced to rubble.
6 But if you do state the dream and its interpretation, I will give you presents, rewards and great honor. Just tell me the dream and its interpretation."
7 A second time they said, "Let his majesty tell his servants the dream, and we will interpret it."
8 The king replied, "I see you're only trying to gain time, because you see that I've decided
9 that if you don't tell me the dream, there is only one sentence passed on all of you. So you've conspired to mislead me with lies in the hope that time will change things. Now, just tell me the dream! That will convince me that you will also be able to give me its correct interpretation."
10 The astrologers answered the king, "Your majesty, nobody in the world can do this! Never has a king, no matter how great and powerful, asked such a thing of any magician or exorcist or astrologer.
11 The king is asking a difficult thing; nobody but the gods could tell this to your majesty, and they don't live with mere mortals."
12 At this the king flew into a rage and ordered all the sages of Bavel put to death.
13 When the decree was published that the sages were to be slain, they sought Dani'el and his companions in order to have them put to death.
14 Then, choosing his words carefully, Dani'el consulted Aryokh, captain of the royal guard, who had already gone out to kill the sages of Bavel.
15 He said to Aryokh, "Since you are the king's official, let me ask: why has the king issued such a harsh decree?"Aryokh explained the matter to Dani'el.