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Zechariah 10:5-12

5 They will be like warriors trampling the mud of the streets in battle. They will fight, because ADONAI is with them; they will rout even those on horseback.
6 "I will strengthen the house of Y'hudah and save the house of Yosef. I will bring them back in my compassion for them; they will be as if I hadn't driven them out; for I am ADONAI their God, and I will answer them.
7 Efrayim's men will be like warriors; their hearts will be cheered as if from wine. Their children will see it and rejoice, their hearts will be glad in ADONAI.
8 "I will whistle for them and gather them, because I have redeemed them; they will be as numerous as they were before;
9 and I will sow them among the peoples. In distant lands they will remember me; they will rear their children and then return.
10 I will bring them back from the land of Egypt and gather them out of Ashur. I will bring them into Gil'ad and the L'vanon, until there is no more room for them.
11 "Trouble will pass over the sea and stir up waves in the sea; all the depths of the Nile will be dried up, the pride of Ashur will be brought down, and the scepter of Egypt will leave.
12 But I will strengthen [Isra'el] in ADONAI; they will travel here and there in his name," says ADONAI.
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