Chronological Essays


[In the following Essays, and throughout this work, the dates are given according to the sera beginning with the building of Bome, or ab urbe conddta; more briefly, u. c. Reckoning backward from Christ, the year 1 of Rome corresponded to the year 753 B. C. The year of Rome corresponding to the year 1 of the Christian sera, was 754. Hence, to obtain the year of Rome after Christ, we must add to 753 the number in question : thus the year 30 A. D. would correspond to 753 + 30, or 783. If we would obtain the year of Rome before Christ, we must subtract the number in question from 754: thus if Herod died 4 years before the Christian asra or 4 B. C, 754-4 would give 750 of Rome. Always, if not expressly stated to the contrary, the year of Rome is to be understood.]