3. Their value to young Christians and to all that class of persons who -would not be able to read and comprehend the larger work entire.

4. Tlmy are thought to contain that spiritual food .which is greatly needed by all classes of Christians, and should, therefore, as far as possible, be put within the reach of all, and in a form and size the least expensive and most convenient.

Let it be borne in mind that these six lectures are confined to a presentation of the conditions of abiding holiness of heart and life. They are designed, not to define entire sanctification, not to prove its attainability—nor that it has been attained, but simply to indicate the necessary conditions or means of continuing in obedience to God. Those who would understand my views of the whole subject, must read and ponder well tho entire course of lectures upon the subject, as found in the third volume to the first edition of my Systematic Theology.

The full scope and bearing of these six lectures will not be so fully seen, separated from the entire course, but it is thought that by themselves they contain sufficient spiritual instruction to warrant and demand a separate publication.

I might, as is indicated in the lectures themselves. greatly enlarge every head, and swell this to a large volume. But, first, I have not time to do so. Secondly, the volume would then be too large for multitudes of purchasers aud readers. Thirdly, on many of the relations of Christ to believers, I greatly desire to enlarge, but upon the whole, I will consent to have the lectures presented as they are found in the original work.

To Christ and his dear children I consecrate these lectures. If any one shall be refreshed by their perusal, I shall be happy to give all the glory to Christ, and be content myself with the satisfaction of having been made instrumental in feeding the " flock of God which he has purchased with his own bloorl."