Epistle to the Reader


IHAVE now presented thee with something of a discourse of the Water of Life and its"virtues, therefore thou mayest, jf thou wilt, call this Bools, Bunyan's Bill of his Master's Wattr of 'Life. True, I have ndt set forth at large the excellent nature and quality thereof, nor can that SO be done by the pen of tongues of men or angel's. Yet this I have said, and so saying, said truly, tkat whosoever shall drink of this water, shall find it in him a well of water ; and not only so, but a well springing up in him to everlasting life, let his disease be what it will. And as men in their bills, for conviction to readers, do give an account to the country-of the persons cured and the diseases that have been Temoved by liquors and preparations, that have been made for that *nd, so could I, were it not already, in Holy Writ, done by an infallible pen to rny band, give you accounts of numberless numbtrs that have not cnly been made to live, but to live for ever, by drinking of this water, this pure water of life. Many of them indeed are removed from hence,-and lire where they cannot be spoken with as yet, but abundance of them do still remain here, and have their abode yet with men.

Only, if thou wouldest drink it, drink it by itself, and that thou mayest not be deceived by that which is counterfeit, know it as it comes from the hand of our Lord, without mixture, pure and clear as crystal. I know there are many mounttbanks in the world, and every one of them pretend they have this water -to fell- But my advice is, that thou go directly to the throne ibyfelf, HA. iv. 18. or as thou art bidden, come to the waters, Jsa. lv. i- Rev. ii. 6. and there thou shalt be sure to have that •which is right and good, and that which will certainly make thee well, let thy disease or trouble, or pain, or maiady, be what it will. For the,price, care not for that, it is ch«ap enough* this is to be had without money or price. 1L will give, iaiib. God and the, Lamb, Rtv. xxil to him that is a-thirst of th* fountain of the water of life freely. Hence he fays again, who-ever will, let hilsi take the water of life freely i so that turn hast no ground to keep back because of thy poverty ; nay, for the poor it is prepared, and set open, to the poor it is offered, the poor and needy may have ic of free cost, Isa. ili. 17. 18.

But. let it not be flighted because it is offered to thee upon terms so full, so free. For thou art sick, and sick unto death if thou drinkest not of it, nor is there any otheT than this that can heal thee, and make thee well. Farewel. The Lord be thy physician.

So pray» ttyr friend,