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Habakkuk 1

Habakkuk’s Complaint (1:1–4)

In verses 7–11, God goes on to describe the ruthlessness and power of the Babylonians. But they too are called guilty by God2 (verse 11); they have made a god out of their own strength and they depend on no other.

Habakkuk’s Second Complaint (1:12–17)

12–13 Habakkuk begins by expressing his faith that the everlasting Lord will not let His people die (verse 12); He will not let them be completely destroyed. Habakkuk accepts God’s statement that the Babylonians will execute judgment on Judah. However, he is still troubled that God could even look on Babylon much less use it as an agent of JUDGMENT (verse 13). How can God allow the wicked (the Babylonians) to swallow up those who are more righteous (the Judahites)? To Habakkuk, that didn’t seem just at all.

14–17 Habakkuk continues his complaint. If God appoints Babylon to conquer the nations—including Judah—then He has made all other people like fish in the sea just waiting to be hooked or caught in Babylon’s net (verses 14–15). And Babylon will just keep on emptying the net and taking for its own pleasure all the “fish” (the nations) that have been caught (verses 1617). It seems to Habakkuk that God has reduced human beings to the level of fish. To Habakkuk, God’s remedy for Judah’s SIN is worse than the sin itself.

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