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Habakkuk 2

The Lord’s Answer (2:1–20)

6–8 From here to the end of the chapter, God records (through Habakkuk) how all of them (Babylon’s victims) will one day taunt Babylon, saying, “Woe—retribution—to him who has done such evil!” (verse 6). Though the victims do the taunting, the retribution is from God. And it will be just: Babylon plundered many nations (verse 8); therefore, it will be plundered.5 The Babylonians shed man’s blood; therefore, their own blood will be shed (see Genesis 9:6).

9–14 Like an eagle, Babylon has set its nest on high, thinking that no one can disturb it (verse 9). But Babylon, which has ruined so many peoples, will itself be ruined. Even the stones and beams of its buildings—purchased with the plunder of other nations—will cry out and “testify” against Babylon (verse 11).

Everything Babylon has gained will be fuel for the fire of judgment. Ungodly nations exhaust themselves for nothing; their glory quickly disappears(verse13).But the knowledge of God’s GLORY will fill the earth, and all people will see His glory and submit to Him (Philippians 2:9–11).

Even now the radiance of God’s glory, Jesus Christ, is being made known throughout the earth (Hebrews 1:3), and when His Gospel has been preached to all nations, then the end will come (Matthew 24:14).

15–17 Babylon, which makes others drunk in order to shame them, will itself be filled with shame (verses 15–16). It will soon be Babylon’s turn to drink the cup from the LORD’s right hand—that is, the “cup” of God’s wrath, of God’s judgment (see Isaiah 51:17–23).

18–20 These final verses deal with Babylon’s idolatry and the utter folly of worshiping idols (see Psalm 115:1–8; Isaiah 40:18–20; 44:9–20). Idols cannot speak (verse 18); they have no breath (verse 19). They are lifeless.6 But God is not lifeless; He is in His holy temple (heaven) and He rules over the entire earth (verse 20). Therefore, let all the peoples of the earth be silent before him; let them fear the living God and submit to Him.

For modern believers, the book of Habakkuk offers great hope. As in ancient Judah, things are not well in our world today. In particular, believers in many countries are suffering grievously at the hand of modern “Babylonians.” Habakkuk tells us to hold on to God in faith; we are to live by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). God is in control of our circumstances, and for each of us He has a plan that He is working out in His own time. Let us live by faith, and God will not only be with us in our earthly suffering but He will also deliver us from the power of evil and grant us ETERNAL LIFE with Him in heaven.

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