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Job 26

Job (26:1–14)

Even though God is high up in heaven, He can see down into the grave; Death (the grave) is naked (open) before God (verse 6). God spreads out the northern skies and suspends the earth over nothing (verse 7). All these comments by Job about the clouds, about the pillars of the heavens quaking, about the sea being churned up, are ways of describing the greatness of God's power in creating the universe and also in maintaining it55 (verses 8–13). In verse 13, Job says, “By his breath the skies become fair.” This refers to God's power to control wind and weather, and reminds us of Jesus, who was able to calm storms (Mark 4:35–41).

But all these proofs of God's greatness and power, says Job, are but the tiniest portion—the outer fringe—of His works (verse 14). They are only the things humans can see. What God has revealed to us in nature is merely a faint whisper compared to what He has not revealed. How then can human beings understand the real extent of God's power? They cannot.

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