Leviticus 9

The Priests Begin Their Ministry(9:1–24)

Herein lies a major reason why so many Christians lack power and joy in their lives: after initially believing in Christ, they have not progressed to a deeper level of commitment and obedience. They are happy to call Jesus their Savior but they are not prepared to obey Him as Lord. If we would enjoy the full blessings of the Christian life, we must offer ourselves totally to Christ and follow Him without reservation wherever He leads (see Genesis 22:15–19 and comment).

21 After the fellowship offering was sacrificed, Aaron took the priest’s share of the meat—the breast and right thigh—and waved it before the Lord (see Leviticus 7:28–36 and comment).

22–24 When all the sacrifices had been offered, Aaron blessed the people. Aaron’s blessing was probably similar to the formal blessing recorded in Numbers 6:22–27.

Then, after a second blessing of the people by Moses and Aaron, the glory of the LORD appeared (verse 23). Exactly how the Lord’s glory appeared is not described; previously His glory had settled on Mount Sinai and on the just completed tabernacle23 as fire or cloud (Exodus 24:15–17; 40:34–35). Here fire was certainly part of God’s appearance because, according to verse 24, fire shot out from God’s presence and instantly consumed the remains of the offerings still burning on the altar.24 But surely this manifestation of God’s glory was more than just cloud and fire; it must have included a sense of God’s goodness (Exodus 33:18–19)—that is, His love, faithfulness, power and holiness. Whatever form it took, the display of God’s glory caused the people not only to shout for joy but also to fall facedown in awe and wonder (verse 24).

Does God’s glory still appear to Christians today? Yes, it does, and in many different ways. First and most important,God’s glory is constantly present with believers; indeed, in the person of the HOLY SPIRIT, God actually dwells within us (1 Corinthians 6:19). The fruit of the Holy Spirit is manifested in our lives (Galatians 5:22–23). In addition, God’s glory—His presence and goodness—touchesus through His divine guidance, through dreams and visions, through spiritual gifts, and through answers to prayer.

Yet, having said that, Christians must not be preoccupied with looking for special manifestations of God’s glory, for signs and —wonders. These are wonderful gifts of God, which come to us at His discretion; but Christians must not depend on these visible signs. We live by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

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