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Introduction to 2 Samuel



See the Introduction to 1 Samuel for the introductory material.

Model of the City of David

Model of the City of David


I.David’s Activities after Saul’s Death (1:1-4:12)

A.David grieves for Saul and Jonathan (1:1-27)

B.David in Hebron as king of Judah (2:1-4:12)

II.David as King of Judah and Israel (5:1-15:6)

A.David’s military successes (5:1-10:19)

B.David’s great sin and its consequences (11:1-13:39)

C.David’s problems with his son Absalom (14:1-15:6)

III.Absalom’s Rebellion and David’s Final Days as King (15:7-24:25)

A.Insurrection and death of Absalom (15:7-19:8)

B.David returns to Jerusalem as king (19:9-20:26)

C.Events of David’s latter days (21:1-24:25)

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