This chapter gives an account of the message of Hiram king of Tyre to
David, and of David's taking him more wives, with the names of his
children by them; and of two battles he fought with the Philistines,
in which he had the victory over them; the same are recorded in
\\#2Sa 5:11-25\\ see the notes there;
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:11"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:12"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:13"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:14"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:15"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:16"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:17"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:18"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:19"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:20"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:21"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:22"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:23"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:24"\\.
\\See Gill on "2Sa 5:25"\\,
and the chapter is concluded with observing, that the fame of David, on
account of his victories, was spread in all countries, and they were
struck with a panic from the Lord, and were in dread of him.
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