1 Samuel 14:43

1 Samuel 14:43

Then Saul said to Jonathan, tell me what thou hast done
What sin he had committed, the lot having fallen on him, and found him out:

and Jonathan told him;
the whole of the matter, all the truth, without any reserve:

and said, I did but take a little honey with the end of the rod
that was in mine hand;
he speaks of the fact as a trivial thing, as if it was not deserving of death, though he was willing to submit to it; yet it seems strange he should say nothing of his ignorance of the charge and oath of Saul, and plead that in excuse of it; though Josephus F8 makes him to take notice of it: and, "lo, I must die"; am condemned to die, as the Targum; for which he was prepared and ready, being willing to testify an entire subjection to his father's authority and will. Josephus F9 represents him speaking with a generosity and greatness of soul, after this manner,

``death is most sweet to me, which is for the sake of maintaining thy piety and religion; and after so glorious a victory, it is the greatest consolation to me to leave the Hebrews conquerors of the Philistines.''


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