1 Samuel 16:11

1 Samuel 16:11

And Samuel said unto Jesse, are here all thy children?
&c.] For neither of these being the person God would have anointed king, and yet it was one of Jesse's sons that was to be anointed, he concluded he must have more, at least one more, and therefore puts this question to him:

and he said, there remaineth yet the youngest;
or, "the little one" {c}; not of a little diminutive stature, for he was a mighty man, a man of strength, courage, and valour, ( 1 Samuel 16:18 ) or of a puerile age, for the Jews say F4 he was now twenty nine years of age; but that is not likely, he hardly exceeded more than twenty, or was so much; thereabout he might be; but he is so called because he was the youngest son, as we render it:

and, behold, he keepeth the sheep:
and from following them, he was taken and anointed king; see ( Psalms 78:70 Psalms 78:71 ) . Some of the greatest of men have been taken from rustic employment, as Moses, Gideon, Saul, and others:

and Samuel said unto Jesse, send and fetch him;
out of the field by a messenger:

for we will not sit down till he come hither;
that is, at table, to eat of that part of the peace offerings which belonged to the offerer Samuel, and which he had invited Jesse and his sons to partake of.


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