1 Samuel 16:12

1 Samuel 16:12

And he sent and brought him in
Sent messengers into the field and to the flock for him, and being come home Jesse introduced him into the room where Samuel was:

now he was ruddy;
which some understand not of the ruddiness of his complexion, or of his cheeks, but of the redness of his hair; the former seems best:

and withal of a beautiful countenance;
of comely features: or "beautiful eyes" F5; bright, clear, and sparkling; eyes that are black or blue are reckoned beautiful:

and goodly to look to;
of a pleasant countenance, delightful to behold; he carried sweetness as well as majesty in his face; in this he was a type of Christ, ( Song of Solomon 5:10 Song of Solomon 5:16 ) . A beautiful aspect, as well as shape and height, recommended persons for government, as with the Ethiopians, as Aristotle F6 relates; so Agamemnon is represented by Priamus F7 for his personable appearance, as like a king, and fit to be one:

and the Lord said, arise, anoint him, for this is he;
that he had spoken to him of, and who it was his pleasure should be anointed king; and therefore, by a secret strong impulse upon his mind, was put upon doing it immediately, without any hesitation or delay.


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