1 Samuel 25:13

1 Samuel 25:13

And David said unto his men
Provoked to the last degree to have such a rude churlish answer returned to such a civil and humble message as he had sent:

gird you on every man his sword;
and prepare to march and chastise Nabal for his insolence:

and they girded on every man his sword;
in obedience to David, and in vindication of his honour and their own:

and David also girded on his sword;
in order to march at the head of them, fired with indignation at the affront given him:

and there went up after David about four hundred men;
out of the six hundred he had with him, ( 1 Samuel 23:13 ) ;

and two hundred abode by the stuff;
the baggage in their camp; the Targum is, they

``were left to watch the vessels;''

the things necessary for their use, for the dressing of their food, their bedding