1 Samuel 25:14

1 Samuel 25:14

But one of the young men told Abigail, Nabal's wife
Not one of David's young men, as what follows shows, but one of Nabal's young men or servants, one of those David directs him to for the truth of what he said, ( 1 Samuel 25:8 ) ; this was one of those that had been employed in feeding sheep in the wilderness, where David was, and knew him, but was now at Carmel, and was present when David's messengers came to Nabal, and was privy to what passed:

saying, David sent messengers out of the wilderness to salute our
in a very kind and handsome manner, to ask of his peace and welfare, and to wish him all happiness and prosperity; or "masters" F25 master and mistress, including both Nabal and Abigail:

and he railed on them;
gave them very abusive language, represented David and his men as a parcel of scoundrels, fugitives, and runaway servants, ( 1 Samuel 25:10 1 Samuel 25:11 ) ; or "he flew at them" F26; or "upon" them, in great wrath and fury, calling them hard names, bidding them begone about their business; the allusion is to a ravenous bird, which will fly at persons when it apprehends its young in any danger.


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