1 Samuel 9:10

1 Samuel 9:10

Then said Saul to his servant, well said
Or "good is thy word" F4, thou hast well spoken; it is a good proposal thou hast made, and thou art very generous to give all thou hast to the man; and very promising it is, that since he is a seer he may inform us where the asses are, or which way we must take to find them. Things look feasible enough:

come, let us go:
to the city, and to the man of God there, and hear what he will say to us, and what information he will give us:

so they went unto the city where the man of God [was];
to Ramah, where Samuel dwelt.


F4 (Krbd bwj) "bonum verbum tuum", Pagninus, Montanus.
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