2 Kings 7:10

2 Kings 7:10

So they came and called to the porter of the city
The chief of those that had the care of the gate of it; for there were more than one, as follows:

and they told them;
the porter, and the watchmen with him:

we came to the camp of the Syrians, and, behold, there was no man
there, neither voice of man;
not one to be seen or heard:

but horses tied, and asses tied;
to their mangers; the latter, as well as the former, were used for war, not only to carry burdens, but to fight upon, as Aelianus F1 relates of some people; and especially when there was a want of horses, as Strabo F2; and both observe that this creature was sacrificed to Mars:

and the tents as they were;
none of them struck, nor anything taken out of them.


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