2 Kings 7:9

2 Kings 7:9

Then they said one to another, we do not well
This is not right, to take this booty to ourselves; it is not doing justice to our brethren, and it may not prove well to ourselves in the issue:

this day is a day of good tidings;
to be delivered from the enemy, and have such plenty of provisions thrown into their hands; it would be joyful tidings to the inhabitants of the city, did they know it:

and we hold our peace;
and do not publish this good tidings, that others may share the benefit of it:

if we tarry till the morning light;
when it will in course be discovered:

some mischief will come upon us;
either from the Syrians, who they might fear would return by that time, or some of them lurking about would fall upon them and destroy them; or the king of Israel, when he came to know it, would be so incensed as to inflict some punishment on them; or they might expect some evil from the immediate hand of God:

now therefore come, that we may go and tell the king's household;
acquaint some of his servants with what had happened.