Acts 25:24

Acts 25:24

And Festus said, King Agrippa
He addressed himself to him in the first place, as being the principal person, and of great dignity, as well as knowledge:

and all men which are here present with us;
the chief captains, and principal inhabitants of the city:

ye see this man
the prisoner at the bar, meaning Paul:

about whom all the multitude of the Jews have dealt with me:
applied unto him, interceded with him, and very importunately pressed and desired him to give judgment against him:

both at Jerusalem and also here;
at Caesarea, whither they came from Jerusalem to accuse him:

in a very noisy and clamorous way:

that he ought not to live any longer;
as they did before Lysias the chief captain, ( Acts 22:22 ) and so in the hearing of Festus; for it was his death they sought, and nothing else would satisfy them.