Deuteronomy 12:11

Deuteronomy 12:11

Then there shall be a place
Fixed and settled, and will be known to be the place:

which the Lord your God shall choose, to cause his name to dwell there:
where he himself would dwell, and where his name would be called, and he would be worshipped:

thither shall ye bring all that I command you, your burnt offerings and
your sacrifices, your tithes, and the heave offerings of your hands;
of which (See Gill on Deuteronomy 12:6)

and all your choice vows which ye vow unto the Lord;
or, "the choice of your vows" F7; which, as Jarchi observes, was brought of their choicest things, as they ought to be; see ( Malachi 1:14 ) .


F7 (Mkyrdn rxbm) (eklekton twn dwrwn umwn) , Sept. "optima votorum vestrorum", Fagius.
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