Exodus 1:5

Exodus 1:5

And all the souls that came out of the loins of Jacob were
seventy souls
"Souls" are put for persons; of the number seventy, and how reckoned, (See Gill on Genesis 46:27). This was but a small number that went down to Egypt, when compared with that which went out of it; and that it should be compared with it is the design of its being mentioned, see ( Exodus 12:37 ) :

for Joseph was in Egypt already;
and is the reason why he is not reckoned among the sons of Jacob, that came thither with him; though rather it may be better rendered, "with Joseph who was in Egypt" F3; for he must be reckoned, and indeed his two sons also, to make up the number seventy; therefore Jonathan rightly supplies it,

``with Joseph and his sons who were in Egypt,''

(See Gill on Genesis 46:27).


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