Genesis 10:12

Genesis 10:12

And Resen, between Nineveh and Calah
This was another city built by Ashur, situated between those two cities mentioned: the Targums of Jonathan and Jerusalem call it Talsar, or Thalassar, see ( Isaiah 37:12 ) The conjecture of Bochart F2 is more probable, that it is the Larissa of Xenophon, situated on the Tigris; though Junius thinks it is either Bassora, or Belcina, which Ptolemy


F3 places on the Tigris, near Nineveh:

the same is a great city:
which Jarchi interprets of Nineveh, called a great city, and was indeed one, being sixty miles in circumference, ( Jonah 1:2 ) ( 3:3 ) but the construction of the words carries it to Resen, which might be the greatest city when first built; and, if understood of Larissa, was a great city, the walls of it being one hundred feet high, and the breadth twenty five, and the compass of it eight miles. Benjamin of Tudela says F4, that in his time Resen was called Gehidagan, and was a great city, in which were 5000 Israelites; but according to Schmidt, this refers to all the cities in a coalition, Nineveh, Rehoboth, Calah, and Resen, which all made that great city Nineveh; or were a Tetrapolis, as Tripoli was anciently three cities, built by the joint interest of the Aradians, Sidonians, and Tyrians, as Diodorus Siculus F5 relates.

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