This chapter contains a confirmation of the sudden destruction of the
kingdoms of Syria and Israel, by another sign; a threatening to those
that gloried in the kings of those nations, with an invasion of their
land by the Assyrian monarch; a sarcastic address to those that joined
in confederacy against Judah; some directions and instructions to the
people of God; and some prophecies concerning the Messiah, and the
miserable estate of the Jews, that should reject him and his Gospel.
The sign given is a son of the Prophet Isaiah, whom his wife conceived
and bore, and whose name was written with a man's pen,
Mahershalalhashbaz, of which there were witnesses, whose names are
mentioned; and it is predicted, that before this child should have
knowledge to call his father and mother, Damascus and Samaria, the
chief cities of Syria and Israel, would be taken and spoiled by the
king of Assyria, \\#Isa 8:1-4\\ who would invade, the land of Israel,
and even pass through the land of Judah, as a chastisement not only of
the Israelites that rejoiced in Rezin and Remaliah's son, the kings of
Syria and Israel; but also of those Jews who chose to be under them, or
neglected the promise of God, and applied to Assyria for help,
\\#Isa 8:5-8\\ and then both the people of Israel and of Syria are
addressed, in a sarcastic way, to associate and take counsel together,
when they should be broke to pieces, and their counsel come to nought,
\\#Isa 8:9,10\\ and the prophet being instructed by the Lord how to
behave among the people of the Jews, advises them not to join with them
whose cry was a confederacy with Assyria, nor to be afraid of the two
kings that were come up against them, but to sanctify the
Lord of hosts, and trust in him, and make him the object of their fear
and dread, \\#Isa 8:11-13\\ which is enforced from the consideration of
what the Lord, who is no other than the Messiah, would be, both to his
own people, and to his enemies; to the one a sanctuary, and to the
other a stone of stumbling, a rock of offence, a trap, and a snare,
\\#Isa 8:14,15\\ then follows an instruction to the prophet to take
care of the Gospel of Christ, and communicate it to his disciples,
\\#Isa 8:16\\ upon which the prophet determines to keep waiting and
looking for his coming, who at present was hidden from the people of
God, \\#Isa 8:17\\ wherefore the Messiah is introduced, as presenting
himself and his children to the prophet's view, which would be for
signs and wonders in Israel, gazed at and reproached, \\#Isa 8:18\\ and
then the folly and vanity of seeking counsel of the Scribes and
Pharisees, when Christ should be come in the flesh, is exposed; whose
Gospel should be attended to, and not those dark and blind guides,
\\#Isa 8:19,20\\ and the chapter is concluded with the wretched
condition of the Jews that called Jesus accursed; they should pass
through the land, and find no food; and look into it, and see nothing
but darkness and misery, \\#Isa 8:21,22\\.