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Job 32:12

Job 32:12

Yea, I attended unto you
Very closely, with great application and diligence, endeavouring to get, as it were, within them, and thoroughly understand the meaning of what they said:

and, behold, [there was] none of you that convinced Job;
which was not owing to his obstinacy, but to want of proof in them, their words and arguments; they had charged Job highly, as particularly Eliphaz, ( Job 22:5-9 ) ; but then they failed in their proof; they produced nothing to support their allegations:

[or] that answered his words;
the arguments and reasons he gave in proof of his own innocence and uprightness, or the instances he produced, showing that God often afflicted good men, and suffered the wicked to prosper; and therefore no argument could be drawn from God's dealings with men, proving they were either of this or the other character, good or bad men.

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