John 12:6

John 12:6

This he said, not that he cared for the poor
He had no affection for them, and was unconcerned about them, and took no care of them to feed and clothe them; he was no ways solicitous for their support, refreshment, and more comfortable living:

but because he was a thief;
to his master, and purloined the money he was intrusted with by him, and put it to his own use:

and had the bag, and bare what put therein;
the word rendered a "bag", is adopted by the Rabbinical Jews, into their language; and is sometimes read "Gloskema", and at other times "Dloskema", and is used by them for different things; sometimes F7 for a bier, or coffin, in which the dead was buried, which sense can have no place here; sometimes for a chest, or coffer F8; and so the Septuagint use the Greek word, in ( 2 Chronicles 24:8 2 Chronicles 24:10 2 Chronicles 24:11 ) , for the chest into which the people put their collection; and it may be so interpreted here, and so Nonnus renders it; it may signify the chest or coffer, which Judas had the care of, the keys of which were in his hands, and whatever were to be put into it, he bore, or carried thither: and it is also used by the Jewish writers, for a purse F9; it is asked,

``what is "Dloskema?" says Rabbah bar Samuel, (ybod aqylj) , "the purse of old men";''

or such as ancient men use; and this is the signification of it here: it may be the same with the "Loculi" of the Romans, and so the Vulgate Latin renders it here; which were different from a chest, or coffer, being moveable, and to be carried about, and which were carried by servants, as well as the purse F11. Judas had the purse, into which was put whatsoever was ministered to Christ, for the common supply of him and his disciples, and for the relief of the poor.


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