Joshua 19:45

Joshua 19:45

And Jehud
Of Jehud no mention is made elsewhere;

and Beneberak
signifies sons of lightning; see ( Mark 3:17 ) . Jerom F24 speaks of tills as the name of two places, Bane in the tribe of Dan, and Barach in the same tribe, and which was in his day near Azotus. This place was famous in later times among the Jews for being a place where one of their noted Rabbins, R. Akiba, abode and taught for some time F25:

and Gathrimmon
was in Jerom's F26 time a very large village, twelve miles from Diospolis, or Lydda, as you go from Eleutheropolis to it; it was a city given to the Levites, ( Joshua 21:24 ) .


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